Lesson material

English fact sheet: Conditional 0 - 3

English lesson: Letters of invitation (A1-A2)

English worksheet: Money (A1-A2)

English worksheet: Reading exercise about net neutrality (B2-C1)

2018-02-14 (B2-C1. 2 students) Valentine's Day Lesson 

1.  18:00 - 18:05 Smalltalk 

2. 18:05 - 18:45 Watching / Listening: Rick Potion Number 9 

What is the following video about and what can you learn from it?


Why is it not full-screen (compare with reaction videos)?

3. 18:45 - 19:05 Reading / Listening [gist and scanning for information]

Discuss and later refer to the text: What is the meaning of love?
Student 1 reads until "when they're away. "
Student 2 reads the rest.


Which hormones are mentioned and which effects do they have?

4. 19:05 - 19:25 Research activity: International laws pertaining to same-sex intercourse*

Compare laws regarding love and sex in different countries:
Students get 2 world maps each and choose colours

Map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpuermjb83c1i9u/shutterstock_753889249.jpg?dl=0

Student 1: Where is homosexuality explicitly allowed and where is same-sex-marriage performed?
Student 2:Where is homosexuality illegal and where can you be executed for it?

Compare with 


and correct each other's maps.
Also, identify the marked countries (use the internet if necessary)

Extra activity:

Research: How is the term "total fertility rate" defined?
Colour in: 
0-2 children
2-4 children
4-6 children
6-8 children

This may take longer than anticipated, so the rest can be done as homework if necessary. 

*other possible "Valentine's Day map" topics depending on class constellation and occasion: Women's rights, sex before and outside of marriage, arranged marriage vs. love marriage.